Taming the Clock

The ability to create and capitalize on opportunity is the primary objective of all advisor owned firms. Our project management services will help you push forward quickly, completing unfinished projects and driving new initiatives to differentiate and grow your practice.

SMA will organize your project teams and resources around your priorities, facilitate working sessions and progress meetings, and deliver specific and informative status reports to keep you up-to-date every step of the way.

Outsourcing the executive management of your key initiatives reduces the administrative burden on your practice leaders without losing control over the process. You’ll have more time to engage in the relationships and opportunities that drive your business to greater success.

Project Management

Creating time for new initiatives …
without putting your
business on hold.

Target Practice

Staying competitive in the financial services marketplace demands an unparalleled blend of industry-leading innovation and solid business acumen in disciplines such as strategic and financial management, human capital, systems and process development. A well run practice must ensure the consistent quality, service and business value, while adapting to an ever-changing environment.

Our clients remain competitive by advancing proven best practices across all disciplines and at every level of their business. From what you must accomplish today to developing long-term strategies, SMA provides the strategic framework, tools and c-suite management experience to help you articulate and implement a cohesive strategy of sustainable growth.

Engage us on an Annual, Project, or Solution-specific basis and tie together the mission critical elements necessary to achieve your continued success.

Practice Management

Continually improving your competitive edge

It’s Your Move.

We believe that success is not accidental. The top performing firms merge an informed, long term strategy with an annual plan of action, and then deliberately focus their resources toward the most important objectives. We call that creating intentional success™.

Strategic Growth

  • Drive Organic Growth
  • Hire Professional Advisors
  • Develop Marketing Partnerships
  • Create A Joint Venture
  • Merge with Another Firm
  • Plan Succession and Continuity

Practice Management

  • Leverage Your Resources
  • Structure Staffing and Accountability
  • Create Compensation Programs
  • Select Technology Solutions
  • Increase Productivity
  • Benchmark for Success

Relationship Management

  • Create the Total Client Experience
  • Enhance Communications
  • Improve Client Retention
  • Control the Referral Process
  • Build the Right Relationships

Best Practices